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Mood First Productivity: Hard truths and how-tos

Imagine a day when you no longer assigned judgement to your ability or lack of ability to be productive. On this day, you follow your state of being in a way that naturally lends itself to the things you need to get done. Mood-first Productivity is a framework that allows you to flow with your mental and emotional state in a way that enhances your productivity.

7 mins
Defying "Strict" Parenting

Listen in to hear our process of strict parenting as well as the principles to help keep us balanced as we parent our kids.

57 mins
Life Stories, Words that Could Have Broken Me

Here's another life story! This was a pretty tough moment for me but in retrospect, it was absolutely transformational. I think I have a talent for "understanding" other people because of what I walked through. Enjoy!!I'll see you in the next video!

8 mins
Making Decisions, Mastering Habits, and Shaping Identity

In this episode, we reflect on the book Atomic Habits. We discuss the lessons that stuck. How do we building habits that last? And how do these habits shape the people we become? We reach into our personal experiences to distill how we can make decisions that matter in order to bring us forward in our personal journey.

56 mins
Atomic Habits Book Summary

This is an important book! As a therapist, I will never be able to find a formula that fixes everyone’s problems BUT habits are essentially the formula that tells us everything about one’s beliefs, identity, internal systems, and behavioral patterns. This book breaks down habits to an atomic level.

8 mins