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I Will Teach You How to Rest- AHD#14

Rest is achievable but we need a few tools. This article will use the acronym: L.E.T. (Learn, Embrace, Transition) to define those tools and give you a clear plan to be rested.

4 mins
Course: Mood First Productivity- A System to Flow With Your Mood Into Productivity

What if you were able to take cues from your current mood to help determine which task has the most momentum to get done? This is Mood First Productivity ™ ! This class is going to help you build a system so your tasks and objectives can serve your mood and mental state.

1 min
Course: Growing Together Couple's Workshop

3 Steps that Allow Us to Grow Together

2 mins
Course: Parenting From Chaos to Clarity

A simple and complete guide to gaining control over parenting and the household.

2 mins
Coaching: Parenting Forward

A coaching journey that gives parents a customized approach and teaches strategic skills that allow for clarity and understanding to meet both the immediate and future challenges of their families.

4 mins