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What is Executive Therapy

In this 1 minute video I highlight the goals and objectives of Executive Therapy. In a simple statement, Executive Therapy is Deep Processing for Secure Productivity.

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Are You Fighting a Losing Battle?

You grind hard at work, sacrifice for loved ones, and push for success where ever possible.

Amidst the hustle, there's that persistent voice in your head asking, "How long can you maintain this?"

You are not alone. A recent Deloitte Study revealed a staggering statistic--  nearly 70% of C-suite executives are seriously contemplating leaving their current roles in search of positions that better prioritize their well-being.

While many of us hold onto the belief that our passion for work can overcome this dissonance, unfortunately, care alone is not sufficient. According to the researchers (Arnold, Connelly, Walsh, & Martin Ginis, 2015), leaders who deeply care about their work are more susceptible to burnout due to the overwhelming responsibility of keeping everything afloat.

In simple terms, the relentless pursuit of success at work, if not examined, can blur the lines between our personal identity and the work we do. This erosion is the root cause of burnout, strained relationships, and executive stagnation. If left unaddressed and unguided, the enthusiasm for the job you love or the business you run will gradually diminish.

To rekindle our passion, we must learn to confront our fears, seize the moment, and reclaim the narrative that defines us.

Executive Therapy is the solution to building this capacity.

How to Get Started:

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Edvardo's Story

I believed that if I exerted enough effort towards my work it could one day secure a better future for my family. Unfortunately, that belief was my survival.

I worked a 40+ hour director role for a non-profit, managed 3 businesses , committed to being a full time husband and father and grasped for any random hobbies in hopes to maintain some semblance of sanity.

Though this grind served my family and I well, it also took away my  joy, compromised my heath and left me disconnected to the work I did.

My turning point arrived at my dinning table one evening. While hurrying to grab my meal and shuffle off to another meeting, my oldest son hurriedly shared that he loved me and he knew how tired I must be from all of the work I had to do. Hearing my child's words made me want to give up that night.  I realized that in the few instances we were together my children rarely saw me happy. I made a change in my life.

This is why I am determined to design ways to be massively productive while remaining deeply content and present.

My promise to you is to use my collective experiences to offer quality, deeply significant and actionable coaching to enhance your work and life.

Resources Eddie Brings:
- Course Facilitator with Tiago Forte's "Building a Second Brain"
- 15 years as a Licensed Mental Health Practitioner
- Supported 1000+ individuals in building internal and external healthy relational ecosystems
- 4 years of consulting and coaching business leaders  

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Executive Therapy 3 Pillars of Transformation

Dance with Monsters

Leaders will learn to transform internal obstacles into support systems that improve overall performance, rather than battling against them.
What will be addressed:
  • Distraction/Procrastination
  • Navigating overwhelm
  • Busy agenda- lack of rest
  • Fear of failure or success
  • Surviving power dynamics
  • Harsh internal critical voice
  • Bypassing burnout
  • Building with dignity
  • The impact of neurodivergence

Reinforce your Pathway

Once the leader recognizes their significance within the work, they can re-engage with renewed conviction and confidence towards the direction and impact of the work.
What will be addressed:
  • Isolating the noises of external pressure
  • Rewriting personal narrative
  • Establishing significance
  • Developing the areas of life
  • Discovering your core mission

What to Expect

Our work will deliberately walk through the following transformations

I. Assessment
Utilizing several tools, we will identify some of your greatest threats as well as your greatest internal assets
II. Build Foundational Systems
You will be given a second brain system that will enable you to 2x your thinking power, discerning ability and tenacity to get things done.
III. Facing Monsters
We will develop a catalog of the specific  threats to your personal progress and solidify tools that allow you to navigate them with dignity.
IV. Arriving in  Moments
We will practice strategies that allow you to reclaim the significance of each moment within your day. Armored with that practice we will launch towards your goals.
V. Reinforcing Trajectory
We will invest all of the personal accomplishment accrued up to this point back into creating conviction and determination towards your life’s work.
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