My Family is My Master Piece

If I cannot get this right, I am not sure anything other effort matters.

I write so my beautiful boys will one day find courage, health and security in my thoughts and designs.

I write because as foolish as I feel at times, my wife pushes me forward as if her capacity for creativity lies within my boldness to express the pulses of my own inspired thoughts.

My family is my world. Look no further to learn about me.

Young boys
Eddie and wife
Eddie speaking

Dignity is my Purpose

All of my work carries the finalized intent of giving individuals dignity as they navigate their toughest moments courageously.

🤝I consult organizations on building Trauma Informed Processes
📣I speak on local and national platforms to educate on integrated wellbeing
🪚I build tables for our family's Etsy Shop
🙌I lead leadership teams through workshops that improve team compassion
📱I direct a statewide team to deploy an app, CarePortal, that serve Florida’s most vulnerable populations.

All of my work carries a finalized intent of bridging dignity as people navigate their toughest moments.

Here you will find 3 Expressions: Content, Courses and Coaching

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