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Over the last 15 years, it has been my passion to create a pathway through therapy that gives people a way to thrive and not be bullied by their struggles.

I work with compassion, non-judgment, and authenticity. It is my priority to make sure you feel heard and comfortable.

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Latest Featured

Dancing with Monsters

You have the right to defeat your internal monsters but to grow, you must accept that some monsters are worth dancing with, others you must embrace before you can overcome and there are those that are not going anywhere, you need to learn to let them ride along with you.

5 mins
A Guide to Transition From Suffering to Hope

If there is anything commonly shared in the human experience, we will experience hardships. Suffering lies in the pathway to a fulfilled life. But I argue that our suffering isn’t something to avoid; instead, suffering is a vehicle designed to create pain’s counterpart, hope.

6 mins
How I killed my god of hustle

A book review of Four Thousand Weeks by Oliver Burkeman and my personal process of overcoming my hustle mindset.

7 mins
Will I ever be better?

How often do you feel the lack of hope of getting better? Keep reading to see my response to a client that had the same concern.

1 min
Video: 5 Ways to Support Someone's Mental Health Journey

With these five steps, you will be better equipped to help people struggling with mental health challenges. By playing the role you are best equipped to play, you can help ensure the best outcomes possible.

10 mins