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2020-2021 Speaking Engagements

Meet Edvardo

Over the past 15 years, I’ve been passionate about creating pathways for individuals, families and organizations to thrive and not be overwhelmed or bullied by their struggles.

Here is what I offer:

- Compassionate Insight -
- Research and discovery -
- A safe space to be vulnerable and authentic -

What Edvardo's Clients Are Saying

“Eddie’s couples workshop is one of those workshops you don’t think you need until you go through with it and end up wondering why you didn’t take part on it sooner. Eddie does an amazing job with the sessions. He takes the time to break it down in a way that is easy to understand and apply. After just two sessions, I was amazed how the couples at our church came out having a better understanding of our spouses and excited about the new door that was opened to having a better communication within themselves. We were all very blessed by this time together.”
Angel Paez
Pastor, Holy City Church
This was very useful and practical training. Eye opening information despite over 15 years in child welfare. Great group dynamic and discussions. Thank you! Hope to meet again.
Veronica Williams
Adoption Specialist, Childnet Inc.
This was a phenomenal experience. Edvardo clearly has a high level of mastery of this content and delivers it extremely well.
Wihelmina Lewis, M.D.
President and CEO, Florida Community Health Centers, Inc.
I love the way Eddie teaches. He is knowledgeable and yet humble, professional and yet practical, strong and yet gentle. We have been very blessed to be supported by this man who uses his family therapist training to honor God.
JoAnn Cassidy
Support Group Leader, BOND4LIFE Foster-Adoption Support Group

Speaking Topics

Edvardo speaks to wide range of topics.

Mental Health Awareness

Lead through crisis and change
Supporting staff and leaders through awareness and practice steps for managing the mental wellbeing of themselves and their teams.

Mental Health Therapeutic Space

Mental Health Town Hall
A safe therapeutic workshop moderated by Edvardo for community members to feel connected and allow for authentic sharing to improve the wellbeing of the organization as a whole.

Parenting Strategies

Parenting Strategies, Guidelines and Support
A parenting workshop moderated by Edvardo and Ntebo Archer,  focused on identifying the principles and discussing the practical steps to make parenting more tangible.

Adoption Competency Training

Rutgers University Curriculum
This Adoption Competency curriculum is designed to provide clinicians and professionals working with adoptive children and families the necessary skills to help make adoptive families successful and resilient.

Marriage Empowerment

Growing Together- How to Survive your Spouse
A workshop moderated by Edvardo and Ntebo Archer for couples that help individuals learn how to work through relationship challenges and adapt specialized communication strategies for their specific context.

Topic For Your Needs

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